The Höyry-galleria shop & Emalipuu

The distinctive Höyry-galleria shop is situated on the ground floor of the building, and can be accessed by wheelchair.

Items for sale include unique wood and enamel products by Emalipuu, and a range of high-quality Finnish crafts,
including clothing accessories, ceramics, jewellery, art, interior design products and textiles,
complemented by seasonal products such as candles and speciality Easter eggs.


Emalipuu is the result of a partnership between two artisans, and a union of two different materials.
It is based on expert craftsmanship and a profound knowledge of the materials used.

The products reflect the love that the makers feel for their work.

The Emalipuu products have all been designed and hand-made in Korpilahti.
They can be purchased at the Höyry-galleria in Korpilahti and also in Helsinki, at Unionin26.