Situated on Lake Päijänne, at the picturesque Korpilahti Harbour, the Höyry-galleria (Steam Gallery) showcases the arts,
Finnish crafts and design and a little of the local history.

The art gallery, which is run by enamel artist Ulla Huttunen and woodworker Arto Salminen, houses monthly art exhibitions and an attractive shop.

The gallery shop features the Emalipuu Collection produced by Ulla and Arto,
as well as carrying an extensive range of exclusive Finnish art and craft items. Entrance free.
Welcome to the Höyry-galleria!

Exhibition Calendar 2020

February – March 15.2. – 15.3.

Ulla Aatinen, artist
Antje Pehle, graphic artist

March –May 21.3. – 24.5.

Päivi Latvala, artist


The exhibition of Rutsuko Sakata and Kari Virtanen has been postponed to a later date.

Päivi Latvala’s exhibition continues through out May with new art work on display.

June 30.5. – 28.6.

Heli Valaja, ceramist

July 4.7. – 2.8.

Jaana Kautto, photographer

August 8.8. – 30.8.

Hannu Castren, artist

September 5.9. – 4.10.

Noora Nuoku, artist

October 10.10. – 1.11.

Jukka Tuominen, artist
Teemu Luoto, ceramist
Tuija E. Virta, artist

November 7.11. – 29.11.

Raija Jokinen, textile artist

December 5. – 27.12.2020

Pertti Karjalainen, artist

Exhibitions at the Summer space

May/ June 29.4.- 28.6.

Tiina Wallius, ceramist

July 4.7. – 2.8.

Anitta Asunta-Plane, ceramist

August/ September 8.8. – 27.9.

Anu Rinkinen, artisan
Pipa Rauhamäki, artist

The Höyry-galleria shop & Emalipuu

The distinctive Höyry-galleria shop is situated on the ground floor of the building, and can be accessed by wheelchair.

Items for sale include unique wood and enamel products by Emalipuu, and a range of high-quality Finnish crafts,
including clothing accessories, ceramics, jewellery, art, interior design products and textiles,
complemented by seasonal products such as candles and speciality Easter eggs.


Emalipuu is the result of a partnership between two artisans, and a union of two different materials.
It is based on expert craftsmanship and a profound knowledge of the materials used.

The products reflect the love that the makers feel for their work.

The Emalipuu products have all been designed and hand-made in Korpilahti.
They can be purchased at the Höyry-galleria in Korpilahti and also in Helsinki, at Unionin26.

Contact & Information


Open all year round, entrance free
Opening times
(Mon*) Tues-Fri 11-17
Sat-Sun 12-16
Open also on request
(*open on Mondays during the Summer)


Ulla Huttunen
+358(0)50 4121 611

Arto Salminen
+358(0)40 5289 076

Exhibition Applications

The exhibition facilities are intended for professional artists, designers and artisans.
All interesting exhibition applications are welcome.

To apply

Please email your application to info@hoyrygalleria.fi, or send it by post.
Please include:
-At least five photographs of your works
-An exhibition plan
-Your CV

Duration and Price of Exhibitions

The rental time for the exhibition space is four weeks.
Exhibition setup and dismantling must be carried out within the rental time.

Gallery rental fee: 800€ (includes 24 % Vat)
Summer Gallery rental fee: 400€ (includes 24 % Vat)

The rental fee does not cover insurance for the art works, shipping fees, exhibition launch hospitality,
or the printing and postage of exhibition posters.
The commission for gallery sales is 30% (includes 24 % Vat)


Höyry-galleria will:
-advertise the exhibition via its webpages (www.hoyrygalleria.fi)
-distribute materials provided by the artist to the media.
-distribute on-line invitations to the gallery mailing list and any lists provided by the exhibitor.
-distribute locally posters provided by the exhibitor

Setting up your exhibition

The floor surface area of the gallery is about 90 square metres.
The ceiling height is approximately 2.5 metres. The wall surface is rough and time-worn brick. Plain wall panelling is also available.

All methods of hanging may be used. Any wishes or enquiries concerning the hanging methods may be included in the exhibition application.
The gallery has a range of display stands, and can also provide made-to-measure stands.

The Gallery floor plan

The Summer space floor plan